We Want to Play

Some points to ponder regarding the current state of college football that I’m throwing together on my lunch break…

The push to cancel the fall season is being made by individuals that make a lot of money off of college sports, while the players are overwhelmingly in favor of playing. No football season would be disastrous for a number of industries, from the local/national sports media to college town small businesses. Football carries the bill for so many other sports in college athletic departments – what happens when that money doesn’t roll in?

Players need to have a voice at the negotiating table, and I think we’ll ultimately see a player union form from this chaos. Both Palmetto State quarterbacks and a number of other players from each team (as well as many, many others across the country) have posted on Twitter in support of the #WeWantToPlay movement – some things are bigger than a rivalry. Regardless of your affiliation, you have to be impressed with Trevor Lawrence’s vocal leadership to try and save the season from the standpoint of the players.

Why in the world would the Big 10 release their schedule and then just four days later cancel the season? If they (and possibly the PAC 12 as well) move forward with these reports, then I expect to see a mass exodus of transfers and recruiting de-commitments. How long would it be before these conferences could be competitive again? Would there be any penalties for players that move on from schools, looking for the chance to play? Do the existing conferences themselves fracture, with super conferences forming?

Iowa and Nebraska voted against cancelling the Big 10 season – do they still opt to play? What about disagreements within the schools themselves? Michigan voted to cancel, but there’s also this interesting commentary from Michigan head coach Jim Harbough here.

If it is not safe for players to operate in a controlled bubble environment and still play the game, then why are schools welcoming back tens of thousands of students to their campuses? Is this decision really about safety, or is there something more political going on here?

Will things ever be the same in college football after this week?

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