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The Clemson vs. South Carolina Game


Clemson Tigers &
South Carolina Gamecocks

Next Game: 11/28




Next Game: 11/28

South Carolina



Clemson vs. South Carolina

The Palmetto Bowl, also known as the Clemson vs. South Carolina game, is the name of the annual football game between the Clemson Tigers and the University of South Carolina Gamecocks. First meeting on Thursday, November 12th 1896, the Palmetto Bowl is the longest continuous non-conference rivalry in the nation, the second longest continuous rivalry in Division I college football, and the longest uninterrupted rivalry series in the south. Although the game is presently scheduled as a home and home series during the final weekend in November, the game was played on Thursdays in Columbia from 1896 to 1959 coinciding with the state fair (referred to as “Big Thursday”). The series has been interrupted seven times, but has gone uninterrupted since 1908.

“The Palmetto Bowl,” was officially recognized as the name of the rivalry in 2014 when athletic departments from both schools agreed to formally adopt the long-referenced moniker. Introduced before the 2015 season, The Palmetto Bowl Trophy replaced the Hardee’s Trophy as the award given to the winner of the annual matchup.

Palmetto Bowl Trophy - Clemson vs. South Carolina
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Clemson Leads the Overall Series


Death Valley Clemson, SC

The 2020 Carolina Clemson Game

The 118th meeting between Clemson and South Carolina was scheduled to be held on Saturday, November 28th at Memorial Stadium in Clemson, South Carolina. However, the decision by the SEC to play a conference-only schedule means that this season's Palmetto Bowl will be cancelled for the first time since 1908.